The Institute

The University Institute of Research in Olive Groves and Olive Oils is a research center belonging to the University of Jaén (UJA) which combines a multidisciplinary group of researchers, resources and tools that consolidate and allow the advance of knowledge, development and innovation in the field of Olive Grove and Olive Oil, through training, scientific research and technological development in the Technological Scientific Park in the province of Jaén (Geolit).

This envolve to improve the advancement of knowledge and increase the technological level of the companies in the olive-oil sector and it also generates scientific and technological knowledge thus promoting R + D + I to the olive sector.

Collaboration between researchers in different fields of knowledge in multidisciplinary research projects allows a high-level training in this field, and cooperation with private companies, workshops, and institutions can be useful to improve the industry knowledge. Furthermore, the Center coordinates a doctoral programs, postgraduate studies and specialiazed courses around the theme of olive grove and olive oils.

The development of relations with other similar entities in Spain and in the rest of the world, helps the formation of quality networks within specific lines of research at the University Institute of Research in Olive Groves and Olive Oils. This will allow the consolidation of it as worldwide reference in Olive and Olive Oil internationally.




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