Master Degree in Olive Grove and Olive Oils


The Master Degree in Olive Grove and Olive Oil is a postgraduate training recognised by the Junta de Andalucia Counseling and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, to accredit academic training in agricultural production, and access to Competent Technical Service condition, for advice on Integrated Production of olives, both acting as Technical Director or Field Technician, once it is established to have passed the course of Integrated Production of Olive.

The University Degree in Olive Grove and Olive Oils deals with the great social and cultural significance as well as the economic impact that olive oil and olive tree sector suppose for Spain, in particular, for the province of Jaen, training professionals who update and are leading for this strategic sector in more and more areas of the planet.

The University Degree in Olive Grove and Olive Oil, is an improved and updated version from the previous master, with a modified, coherent and modern structure adapted to current regulations, and presents as a novelty two specializations: Olive growing and Olive oil extraction, unification of the credit numbers for Final Projects, and the existence of External Practices for all the students. This new traning programme, keeping its contents concerning olive groves and olive oil, updates students about the last advances in the sector, as well as facilitating skills acquisition which will open up new areas for integration and development in the labour market.

Moreover, the Master will be the mean for publishing the last research and progress in topics related to farming, equipment and systems of production, use of byproducts from olive trees or relation between olive oil and health.

Finally, the Master in Olive Grove and Olive Oil, is an excellent preparatory step for students who want to gain admission to PhD studies, laying the foundations for, in the field of advanced research, getting involved int he PhD of Olive Oils, which offers our University, and finishing obtaining the degree of Doctor.

Master Brochure


General Data:

  • Data Centre: Centre for Postgraduate Studies.
  • Location: Campus de las Lagunillas (Jaén).
  • Duration: 1 year / (60 credits ECTS)
  • Field of Knowledge: Sciences.
  • B.O.E.: Not yet published
  • Branch of knowlegde: Sciences
  • Lessons: on-site, face-to-face
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Number of vacancies: 40
  • Dates of enrolled students: Statistical Yearbook
  • Implementation time: This Master replaces a previous studies plan of Master Degree in Oliva Grove, Olives Oil and Health (B.O.E 29/04/2010)
  • Academic oportunities: Doctoral Program in Olive Oils (R.D. 99/2011)
  • Recognised profession: Not available.
  • Career opportunities:

TEACHING: From an academic perspective, the Master is useful because it allows to gather a lot of information, containing several subjects aimed at olive groves and olive oil, with a coherent and modern structure adapted to current regulations, which contributing to the last advances, will make easier for students the skills acquisition completing their training and allow to integrate them in the labour market. Especially, students can develop new training activities in the agricultural-agrifood field (organization of courses specialized in farming, oils and typology, production of table olives, commercialization of oils, and so on). Teacher in Professional Education related to management and market. Teacher in Obligatory Secondary Education (O.S.E.) and High School (graduates with double Master in Olive Groves and Olive Oils- Administration and Business Management).

AGRICULTURAL AND/OR AGRI-FOOD ENTERPRISES AND PUBLIC MANAGEMENT: There are many jobs which can be carried out with this Master: from technicians in specific laboratories concerning olive groves, technicians or technical directors involved in the proper technical service in Integrated Production of Olive Groves, technicians in organic and integrated agriculture, design technicians for crops and irrigation, cooperative managers, enterprise managers, business managers, quality managers, technician in oils and table olives production. Great opportunities in the field of waste use, where energy and biofuels play an essential role, as well as business regarding use of waste and byproducts of olive groves. The same way, students can access to public management related to the agricultural sector.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: The Master in Olive Groves and Olive Oils, will lay the foundations for starting the PhD, within the programme offered by our university. In this sense, the PhD Programme of Olive Oils and lines of research which it develops, cover every area related to the olive grove and oil sector. On the other hand, concerning development, the University of Jaen, has created the Center for Advanced Studies in Olive Groves and Olives Oils, with the main purpose of promoting the introduction, in the Scientific-Technological Park of the province of Jaen (GEOLIT), of a Research Centre about Olive Groves and Olive Oils in which research groups from UJA take part, so that from this centre, it can be assured  coordination, planification and coherence of actions carried out in the field of R+D+i, either individually or with enterprises.

Adoración Mozas Moral 
Coordinator of the Official Master in Olive Groves and Olive Oils  
Telf: +34 953 21 26 41

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