Expert Course of Olive Oil tasting (16 Edition)

Sensorial evaluation of foods, in general, is a primary function of man, who accepts or rejects the food according to the feeling you experience when observing or eating them. This aspect of food quality, which directly affects consumer reaction is called the sensory quality. The technological and economic importance is obvious since it can condition advances occurring in the field of food technology. Evaluation, measurement and control of this aspect of quality are a major challenge for specialists and cause concern in the food industry, both technologically and commercially.

In food, in general, has a special interest in the case of virgin olive oil, in particular, not only by economic connotations derived from sensory quality, but also for being a mandatory compliance standard for these oils, established both by the International Olive Council and the European Union, Regulation 2598/91 and subsequent amendments the IOC method. All this makes more necessary considering that the virgin olive oils will have to defend their market share against other oils in view of their quality, one of whose most important parameters is the sensory evaluation.

At the 16th edition of this course the theoretical basis of sensory analysis and methodology are presented, applying to virgin olive oils from a theoretical and practical point of view, analyzing the factors, positive and negative attributes that define the oils sensory quality and their relationship with the processes of cultivation and processing, as well as other general physical and chemical parameters of quality control.

The whole course, with 350 hours of teaching, consists of 6 modules of nearly 55 hours. Students can take the modules independently. When finishing each module, a certificate will be given, corresponding to the part of the course which has been taught. The student who takes, and has passed, the 6 modules, will get the QUALIFICATION OF EXPERT IN TASTING OF VIRGIN OLIVE OILS. This edition, the fifteenth, has also a modular nature and is developed continuously.


DATE START: 01 de October 2018

DEADLINE: 21 December 2018

Registration deadline: From 21 July to 15 September 2018

Registration term: From 15 September to 29 September 2018

Other dates

Organizer:  Dpto. de Ingeniería Química, Ambiental y de los Materiales. Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales.

Director: D. Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras, Leopoldo Martínez Nieto.

Thecnical Director: Marino Uceda Ojeda

Contact: Tlf: +34 953 21 22 19 |

Contact coordinator: Alberto José Moya | 953 21 27 80 |

Number of places: 25- 35.

Teaching mode: on-site

Field of knowledgement:  Engineering and Science

Language: Spanish

More info:  Triptico_2018

Price 1980 €.

Fellowship: Between 5 -10% of enrolled

Collaborating entity: International Olive Council, Provincial Council of Jaén and Caja Rural.


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