UJA presents the project OLIVAR 4.0

The University of Jaen has held a technical session, organized by the Office for Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) from the Vice Chancellor of Relations with Society and Labour Insertion as well as the Center for Advanced Studies in Olive Grove and Olive Oils, in which has shown to different representative belonging to the olive sector the project ‘OLIVAR 4.0′, which intends to apply technological innovations to the processing process of virgin olive oils in all the stages, ranging from olive groves to consumers, in order to obtain healthier olive oils, with a higher quality and profitability.

The Rector from the University of Jaen, Juan Gómez Ortega, together with professor of Analysis and Market Commercialization of UJA, Manuel Parras, have been the ones in charge of opening this session, called ‘Innovative Public Purchasing of the University of Jaen: Olivar 4.0′.

From the University of Jaen it is pointed out that the introduction of certain technological innovations in the processing process of virgin olive oils in all the stages, as well as its implementation in an operational way, would help undoubtedly to improve the overall mining process of virgin olive oils (VOOs) and mean great advance for the sector, for positioning of olive industries and enterprises, and for final consumers too.

“The project ‘Olivar 4.0′ supposes an addition of technological projects carried out by our research groups, linked to the Center for Advanced Studies in Olive Grove and Olive Oils from UJA, which we intend to apply for the open call by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. Now we are searching for cofunding to cover the 20% not funded by the call and that’s the reason why we hold this session for presenting a very interesting project, not only for the University of Jaen, but also for the sector”, explained  Juan Gómez.

By his behalf, Manuel Parras declared that it is about a multidisciplinary project, which stresses issues related to  “field, transformation and digital culture”. The idea is to make everything much more technological and projects with are included in ‘Olivar 4.0′ has an end and a purpose: be aware of that profitability of olive groves is in kwnoledge, innovation, and hardly in what is intangible. Therefore, they are projects in which the sector is going to examine and test how techonological improvements are being applied, reducing this way the innovation process”.

In this sense, with this project it is expected the development and establishment of technological solutions, which emerge as a result of research done in the University of Jaen, allowing: increase virgin olive oil production at a national level, improve the quality of products (VOO and byproducts); a better environmental management of byproducts and waste; a higher food safety; develop new products (the ones known as functional foods) allowing to position definitely the Spanish productive sector as a worldwide leader in VOOs production, of its byproducts and related industries.

The Vice-chancellor of Relations with Society and Labour Insertion, Juan Ramón Lanzas, was the person in charge of presenting the features of the project, which is composed by 11 lines of research and innovation from different fields such as ecology, development of advanced sensors, automatic control of processes, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, genetics or mechanical engineering.

Source: Diario Digital UJA

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