The University of Jaén with the company Elaia Zait have developed new utensils for tasting of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in an innovation project conducted by professor José Juan Gaforio, which have been awarded with the prize International Excellences Gourmet 2016 which gives the Excellences Group.

This is a project developed by Elaia Zait, a company certified by AENOR as Young Innovative Enterprise and conducted from the University of Jaén (UJA) by the director of the Centre of Advanced Studies in Olive Grove and Olive Oils, professor from the Immunology Area of UJA and project director, José Juan Gaforio. With this project is intended to popularize tasting of olive oil through elements designed specifically for consumers, so that he can value its quality. Everything from the perspective of health, to know very well olive properties which we take, with the consequent benefit for our organism.

The UJA research team, led by professor Gaforio, is also integrated, by experienced engineers in graphic design. Elements designed make easier the hedonistic tasting to enjoy virgin olive oils. For the design, in his opinion, comes from science and with a very clear purpose which is functionality in order to analyze organoleptic features of EVOOs ahead of esthetic.

Contrary to the glass of professional tasting, which is blue, glasses launched- aimed specifically at consumers- are completely transparent, in order to see and smell at the same time. It is a tasting glass with cover, designed specially for gourmet products; a glass with stem, which facilitates olive oil warming with the hand; an exclusive plate, and which is called “chupito”- small glass- for cold tasting and with the appropriate quantity.



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