New tasting glass of EVOO red colour

The International Olive Council (IOC) has endorsed recently the new tasting glass of olive oil designed by experts from the University of Jaen and the company Elaia Zait. The IOC Members Council during ordinary meeting held recently, has confirmed that rules are properly implemented in the new red tasting glass presented during Expoliva 2017, as well as its validity as a tool for tasting of oils.

With this formal procedure, the IOC validates this tool for its use by professionals and tasting panels when carrying out sensory analysis.

The appearance of the new red tasting glass supposes a qualitative leap to counteract oils colour and is conceived with the purpose of replacing the traditional cobalt blue glass that, according to what the study carried out by the University of Jaen has proved, which has been led by professor José Juan Gaforio, does not cancel out completely the colour scheme of oils, giving clues about the oil colour which is going to be tasted, and which introduces bias in its sensory analysis.

When asked sector sources they commented that it seemed really important to use this red tasting glass, in particular, in awards and competitions.

In short, it is confirmed that demand in the sector is growing and this has obliged to develop new tools, such as this tasting glass, in order to meet these demands, which has been produced by the University of Jaen and the company Elaia Zait. Innovation has come to olive oil sector and this new red tasting glass is the final tool for professional tasting. “This will make possibly the sector change blue colours for red ones”, declare from Elaia Zait.



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