Calendar and Timetables- Master Degree in Olive Grove, Olive Oils and Health

Calendar and Timetables

Theoretical and practical education as well as activities academically conducted, of subjects belonging to the University Master in Oliver Grove, Olive Oils and Health, are in-person. Teaching is carried out throughout a school period of two terms, between 15.30 to 21.30, from Monday to Wednesday the theoretical part, and on Thursdays and Fridays practices as well as academically directed activities. Exceptionally and by reasons beyond the educational organization, activities carried out in the countryside, technical visits, seminars or conferences, can take place in the mornings.

Academic year 2017-2018

Calendar and timetable academic course 2017/2018


Classes can be taught in classroom number 2 from the building C4.


Exams. Course 2017-2018

Exams (First Term). 2017-2018

Exams (Second Term). 2017-2018

Exams. Extraordinary Call II. 2017-2018


Master Final Project 

Ordinary Call: 5 and 6  July  2018.

Extraordinary Call: from 1 to 16 December 2018.


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