II International Workshop about healthy cooking

The University of Jaen has arranged the II International Workshop about healthy cooking with virgin olive oil in which about thirty foreign students have participated.

The Catering School Cruzcampo Foundation has held this event, which is celebrated with the collaboration of the Provincial Government within the framework of commemoration of World Olive Tree Day, and whose opening has been attended by the Vice chancellor of Internationalization, Sebastián Bruque.

In his intervention, he has highlighted that during this course there are more than 1.200 foreign students in UJA who are hosted through different programmes of international mobility, coming from 64 countries, “who will become the best representatives of our province”.

“You’re going to understand what is the value of our leading product, virgin olive oil, and learn which are its advantages and how to use it when preparing dishes”, has expressed Bruque to participants in this day.

On his behalf, the Director from the Center for Advanced Studies in Olive Grove and Olive Oils, Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras, has pointed out that one of the targets of this meeting is that these teenagers are “ambassador” of EVOO from Jaen in their home countries.

In this sense, the organizer of this “workshop”, researcher José Juan Gaforio, has explained that “it’s about a quite practical event, which we carry out in this teaching institution like the Catering School, where future restaurateurs are being trained”.

Moreover, he has mentioned the “impact” that diet has on health, “essential for stopping ageing, preventing different kinds of cardiovascular diseases as well as cancers, being EVOO one of the leading products in this sense”.

Finally, teacher of Catering School, Fernando Martínez, has stressed that it’s the first workshop of this kind which is held at national level. “For us, EVOO is a very important pillar in our daily activity, for training we teach and for our province. We are proud that these teenagers spread our oil around the world”, has claimed.


After the opening, different talks in charge of responsibles for different units from CEA Olive Tree of UJA have been developed. Professor Antonio Molina Díaz, responsible for Analytical Chemistry Unit, has introduced characteristics and quality of virgin olive oils, whereas Gaforio, responsible for Health Unit, has told the benefits having virgin olive oil consumption on health.

Francisco José Torres, responsible for Marketing and Economy Unit, has given a talk about virgin olive oil consumption and commercialization around the world and Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras has been in charge of teaching an introduction to virgin olive oils tasting workshop.

In the second part of this meeting, undergraduate and graduate foreign students from UJA, coming from Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Ecuador, Chile, Italy, Germany as well as Serbia have had the opportunity of taking part in a workshop of healthy cooking. In it together with cooks from the Catering School Cruzcampo Foundation, have prepared different dishes using virgin olive oil as an essential ingredient, which have been tasted afterwards.


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