Discussions Expoliva 2017 “Olive Oil, Senses and Emotions”

Discussions Expoliva 2017

EXPOLIVA, XVIII International Trade Fair of Oil and Related Industries, which will be held from 10th to 13th May 2017, once again has the pleasure to call you back at IFEJA facilities to keep developing different talking dialogues around the olive oil sector.

The virgin olive oil is known worlwide by the beneficial effects which contribute, provided mainly by its composition in fatty acids, minority antioxidant components, and why not, by its undeniable and delicious flavour.

Within the different uses we make of it, the culinary one is the most widespread and the basis of the majority of dishes from the mediterranean cuisine. Benefits provided by olive oil on our health, backed by broad scientific studies, cardiovascular diseases prevention, diabetes controller, promoting cancer prevention such as broast cancer, among others, osteoporosis, and so on, make it an essential product in our daily life.

Great professionals, experts, from the sector will bring to light large properties of virgin olive oil in the gastronomic use, as a healthy product, apart from other experiences, due to its special interest, worth listening and sharing.

Public target

Any person lover of olive oil, olive entrepreneurs, DGs, students, experts in olive mills, professional organizations, engineers, agronomists, distributors, merchants, farmers and the business sector in general that develop their activity in the field of olive oil and related industries such as machinery, irrigation systems, pesticides, among others, or any other person having an interest in knowing, learning and interacting.

Expoliva as a landmark event in the sector

280 exhibition places, more than 31.000 metres taken, a new exhibition area, 48.890 professional visitors, 31 companies participating, 3.353 international professionals from 40 different countries visited the trade fair in 2015, which meant an increase of 300% compared to 2011, 113 media, with 378 national and international journalists.

Programme of the day

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