Business days about olive grove farming

The Centre will take part in a OLIVE-OIL BUSINESS DAY of general interest for all the Farmers where you can go with someone as well as inviting other interested people. The Business Day, organized by Asaja, is going to be held in Jaén the 8th and 9th March (Wednesday and Thursday) in Guadalquivir meeting room of the Congress and Exhibitions Centre of Jaén (IFEJA), located along the extension of Granada Avenue in Jaén.

It is about open and free days in which different topics will be tackled related to updating, plagues as well as pesticides, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), conditionality and news in the sector of olive tree and precision farming.

Important: It is compulsory to enroll in to participate and specify the number of attendants. Once seats are not available, we will follow the order in which you have been registered.

Entries can be done in the office of Asaja provincial (Granada Avenue 33 ground floor-Jaén) calling 953-242660 or sending an email to

Day programme

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